testosterone hormone replacement For Women

For Women:

Testosterone Hormone Replacement

Like males, women also make testosterone, but in lower quantities. However, there are benefits including the production of red blood cells, enhancing libido, and boosting muscle strength. Endogenous testosterone production decreases as a woman ages. As a result, many women will experience a decrease of sexual desire and an associated personal distress. For these women, we have both creams and implantable pellets. Like men, we will monitor testosterone levels as well as the physiologic response to the testosterone.

Age range

Decreased testosterone usually occurs in menopause-aged women.


Young women generally have about 10% of the testosterone men have, but by the age of 40, they have roughly half. After menopause, some women can have higher testosterone levels than men of the same age.

Testosterone is necessary for the survival of both men and women and a shortage of it can cause memory problems, spatial disorientation and a lack of interest in sex in everyone.

Symptoms of low testosterone in women

Reduced libido, problems with memory

Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy in women

May benefit sexual function in certain perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. Testosterone replacement is unadvised in women with breast or uterine cancer.

Improve muscle strength, bone density, or mood

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