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Sermorelin and Human Growth Hormone

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone that has been proven to aid in raising levels of IGF-1 or Human Growth Hormone levels.

Nearly every adult would like to look and feel younger. Many adults would even like to completely stop the aging process all together. At athe Refinery we haven’t found how to stop time or reverse the aging process (yet), but we do offer a safe and affordable alternative. It is called Sermorelin. As we all know, time goes on and we begin to experience the loss of physical and mental capabilities simply due to the nature of aging. However through modern medicine we are now able to provide the aging male and female an option to look and feel like they are still in their prime.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy has been used for many years, and was effective for thousands of patients worldwide. HGH therapy is the direct injection of synthetic HGH, which does increase the bodies level, however it can come with side effects long-term. Side effects may include shutting down the pituitary glands natural production or hypoglycemia in some cases. Sermorelin solved these issues.

Sermorelin Therapy achieves the benefits associated with higher Growth Hormone levels but without side effects. Sermorelin attacks the cause of declining HGH by naturally stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more HGH at night while you sleep. This natural stimulation of the pituitary sustains and elevates the production of Growth Hormone mechanisms that decline as we age.

Benefits of Sermorelin may Include:

Increased Sex-Drive (Libido)
Positive increase in Mood Levels
Marked increase in Collagen production, tightening skin for a more Youthful Appearance
Increased Muscle Mass
Reduction in Body Fat
Increased Energy
Improved Bone Density
Decrease in Joint and Reduction in General Pain
Increased production of Growth Hormone (up to 6x for a middle aged individual)
Improved ability in Sports and Physical Endurance
Higher Immune System Capabilities
Improved Duration and Quality of Sleep

The most noticeable appearance changing benefits of Sermorelin include tighter, softer, more supple skin with less wrinkles (a look very much like when you were younger). Sagging skin can be improved and the thin portions of your skin will accept the increase collagen production Sermorelin provides and give it the ability to firm up and stay more hydrated, as your skin cells did during adolescence.

A common experience worth noting is a restored sense of liveliness and mind clarity, combined with a reduction in many health issues associated with getting older. Muscles develop and grow during childhood from high levels of HGH, and weight loss comes easily as your fat cells efficiently burn calories from a boosted metabolism. Sermorelin strongly ramps up these abilities in middle-aged or older individuals. When exercise is introduced into a program the body composition changes happen faster, and many people report they are in the best shape of their lives. i.e. they never have run more than a mile in their life but now can run 2 miles without breaking a sweat, etc.

When we reach our 40’s, our HGH levels have dwindled to under 50% (some as low as 20%) of the levels we had in our early 20′s. The production of HGH during the sleep cycle is dramatically improved. Sleep is when we regenerate our bodies. With higher release of HGH during our sleep, we tend to wake up more rejuvenated the next day, our bodies feel tighter, younger, and more energetic, (not to mention our minds are clearer). An added advantage is that  Sermorelin injections are much more affordable than HGH injections.

What is the Sermorelin treatment and HGH Connection

Sermorelin wasn’t invented yesterday, in fact it has been developed since the 1970’s. Classified medically as a peptide, Sermorelin consists of 29 amino acids, and it operates through the pituitary gland to stimulate natural HGH (human growth hormone) secretion. HGH is primarily secreted during REM (Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the deepest sleep your body can experience). Additionally, HGH is released throughout the course of a day in smaller sequences. HGH is critical to preserve the organs, tissue, ligaments and joints in our body, because it stimulates collagen. Collagen has been described as what “holds everything together” in our body. Without it, our body succumbs to symptoms of age related disease and other problems more quickly.

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