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Testosterone Hormone Replacement

Testosterone is an important hormone to maintain muscle mass, sense of wellbeing and libido. This hormone gradually decreases with age in most men, and this decrease will vary with the individual. In some males there is a marked decrease resulting in noticeable symptoms. In these men, testosterone replacement has shown remarkable benefits.

There are a number of treatment options for testosterone replacement and they include injections, creams and pellets. All three work well and mode of administration will depend on the desire and needs of the patient. We have many years experience in all modalities and will tailor a treatment program to suit the individual.

We aim to give our patient patients the best care possible. All patients in the program will be given an initial history and physical as and a laboratory panel will be performed to ensure they are good candidates for the program. A Patients laboratory studies will be monitored periodically, and a yearly history and physical will be performed at no charge to the patient. In general, laboratory studies will be obtained prior to beginning hormone treatment, at 2-4 months, and then on a yearly basis. If abnormalities are found then modifications to the treatment protocols will be made.

Anastrazole and hCG:


Anastrazole is often added as an adjunct to the testosterone replacement program at no extra cost to the patient. Anastrazole is an inhibitor of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Although, a small amount of estrogen is necessary in men, over production may have side effects. Symptoms of excess estrogen include abdominal weight gain, feeling tired, and breast tenderness. If laboratory studies indicate and excess of estrogen production, we will recommend a biweekly dose of anastrazole in the form of tablets.


hCG is often used in combination with testosterone replacement therapy. hCG is a hormone that similar to another hormone made by both men and women called Luteinizing Hormone or LH. In men LH stimulates the testis to make it own testosterone. In men on testosterone replacement therapy this hormone is decreased and there is less stimulation of the testis to continue making this hormone. hCG serves as a substitute for this hormone and programs the testis to continue making its own testosterone which is an added benefit to the patient. Most of our patient on testosterone replacement therapy will also take hCG which is administered under the skin twice a week. Like anastrazole this medication is added to the testosterone package at no extra cost.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men and increases as one age. At Vitality Florida we have extensive experience treating male with problems getting or maintaining an erection. The two major lines of treatment used in our facility consist of oral and injectable medications.

Oral Treatment:

A main stay of our oral treatment options is our sublingual troche which contains sildenafil and papaverine. These two medications are dispensed in our office as a combination single small cube that dissolves under the tongue. An advantage of this medication is that it has a rapid onset that occurs within about 15 minutes and is not affected by food ingestion.


The gold standard for treatment for many of our patients is the injectable Timixes. The trimixes are a combination of three compounds that are injected into the side of the shaft of the penis. These compounds when mixed together cause a vasodilation of the veins of the penis resulting in a firm erection in about ten minutes for most men. It is important to have the right combination of medication and at Vitality Florida the experienced staff will work with you during your first visit to ensure there is a combination that is right for you.


Testosterone Hormone Replacement

Like males women also make testosterone but in lower quantities. However, there are benefits including the production or fed blood cells and enhancing libido. Endogenous testosterone production decreases as a woman ages. As a result, many women will experience a decrease of sexual desire and an associated personal distress. For these women we have both creams and implantable pellets. Like men we will monitor testosterone levels as well as the physiologic response to the testosterone

FOR Males & Females

Testosterone Hormone Replacement


A newer development in in the anti aging world is the use of the growth hormone releasing factor Semorelin. Growth hormone replacement therapy has bee used for many years for treatment of growth hormone deficiencies in children. In adults growth hormone is essential to maintain essential aspects of body form. However, as we age the levels of growth hormone decrease and many adults will have a growth hormone insufficiency. To counteract this we offer a combination of Semorelin and growth hormone releasing peptide 6 (GHRP-6) to our patients that qualify. Research data has demonstrated the following:

  • Peak increases occur in hGH 30 minutes following a SQ injection
  • Quality of life parameters including general well being improved
  • Body composition improved after regular administration for 90 days

with increases in muscle mass and decrease in visceral fat.

  • Sleep patters improved with extended Stage IV and Slow Wave Sleep


Vitality Florida works with a number of pharmaccies to offer you a wide variety of Vitamin therapies: Patient can purchase four ml injections for $100.

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)
  • MIC-Methyl MIC
  • Lipotropic 

Weight Loss:

We have an on site aesthecian who is experienced in all aspect of skin care, Botox and fillers. For women, we offer bio-identical hormone replacement including estrogen and testosterone. Unique to our program is medications for arresting the aging process and revitalizing skin health. One of these products is Semorelin that is a growth hormone releasing hormone and has shown remarkable results in many of our patients. We also offer Vitamins injections and the most popular is the Lipo C injections that contain a mixture of vitamin and can be given on a bi-weekly basis.

For men we offer a variety of treatments options similar to that for women. A mainsay of the testosterone deficient men we offer testosterone creams, injections and pellets and will monitor you closely. Another aspect of the practice is for erectile dysfunction and we have a number of treatment options from sublingual troches to microinjections.   We also have a growth hormone releasing hormone, Semorelin

The program is run by Lawrence Amesse, MD, PhD.

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